Salmon Twist $4.00

and Chews

HEALTHY AND ALL NATURAL: Ancient Recipe From The Himalayas - 100% Natural and Organic, made from Yak & Cow Milk with Salt & Lime Juice. FDA Approved & Contains No Additives or Preservatives

EASILY DIGESTIBLE: Can Last for Hours, or Up to a Month! (depending on dog's chewing habits)

DENTAL HEALTH: Yak Chews Help Prevent Tartar and Plaque, While Keeping Gums Strong and Healthy. Also Helps Control Bad Breath.

LOW/NO ODOR AND WON'T STAIN: Chew sizes may vary (9-12 oz.)   Med $9.00  XXL  $16.00

Liver Chips

1# bag $20.00

Wholesome Dog Treats

Odor Free Bully Sticks are odor-free and 100% digestible dog chews making them a great alternative to a traditional rawhide!

As with all Bully Sticks they are a great way to give your dog an all-natural dog chew that he will love!

Cheese bacon

Grain Free
Ingredients: Garbanzo bean flour, Potato flour, tapioca starch, flax seed, cheddar cheese, quinoa, canola oil, whole dried eggs, natural bacon flavor. $4.00


Barking Spot Bakery: Products are either handmade or hand selected and all natural, with human grade limited ingredients.

The unique shape and texture of our Bully Sticks will promote dental hygiene and encourage good breath. This is a single ingredient product made from free-range, grass-fed, FDA approved . Additive-free, chemical-free, and preservative-free dog chews. Single-ingredient chews, making them all-natural, 100% healthy & 100% safe for your dog.  12inch   $7.00

Fresh is Best Pet Chef

Organic Antibiotic Hormone Free Chicken 8 oz  $18.00

Tripe Twist: Approximately 10" inches, and may vary slightly.

free range and graze on grass $4.00

All Recipes are made with Super FydoPHoods to enhance the nutritional value of the fresh foods we feed.

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Pet Chef

Peanut butter honey
Ingredients: rolled oats, honey, flax, soybean oil, peanut butter, rice flour, soy flour, dried whey, whole dried eggs, and natural peanut butter.  $4.00

Dehydrated Duck  $1.50 each

Dogs 4 Life

Whole Dog Training and Wellness Center

Duck Feet (approx 32)

1 # Bag $17.00


Roast Duck

Grain Free

Ingredients: potato flour, pea flour, tapioca flour, peanut flour, canola oil, duck, orange pieces, carrots , peas , parsley.  $4.00