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Roxie was adopted as a young pup with an unknown background.  We have had Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers in the past and didn't appreciate the difference in training techniques that would be necessary for Roxie. We hired Christine for in home training, mostly for training us….she was able to teach us how to communicate effectively with Roxie and to not give her ‘mixed’ messages.  Now there are no free lunches, Roxie has gone from being unruly to listening and actually enjoying ‘working’ while she is training. She is anxious to please and willing to listen.  We are committed to life long training with Roxie. What we now realize is that communicating and training each dog requires evaluation of that individual dog’s personality which Christine did very well.  Roxie loves her and will miss our regular training sessions as we ‘head out’ on our own. It is too bad that we don’t have before and after videos.  For us Christine was the super nanny for dogs! " Gay Crain and Dr. Cindy Charlier, DVM 

"It is with pleasure that I write this  testimonial for Christine . She was the fourth home trainer we called  for our 6 year old Golden, Charlie, who has excellent obedience. My wife and I  had been battling to fix  a few manner issues that the other trainers were not able to fix. My groomer highly recommended Christine.   I  was sceptically of yet another failed attempt, but were determined to try and find a solution.  Christine put a progressive program together, we talked about our options, we proceeded with the training and in two lessons, our problems were fixed. Unbelievable, I highly recommend Dogs 4 Life, save yourself time, money and frustration. Christine is a top notch trainer, who is very personable and dog savvy"  Robert and Jill Peterson

" I was at my wits end with Dexter. I thought I make a mistake getting him. I didn't think he was trainable and I didn't feel he was the right fit for my family. Then I found and ad for Dogs 4 Life. I called thinking this was going to be Dexter's last chance. Needless to say, Chris was awesome. She taught Dexter things in a few minutes that I was trying to teach him for months. She helped our family with the training process and it actually worked for us. I have recommended Chris to several people and will continue. Dexter has become a great family dog and a pal. I am glad made the call."  Pam Ritchie and Family.

"Max is a rescued beagle/spaniel mix who has been allowed to rule the roost for quite a few years. After he lost his companion dog Molly, he began to exhibit an increase in what I perceived as aggressive and jealous behavior. Over the years, vets had recommended sedatives, muzzles, and declared him "trainable." I had just about given up when I was referred to Dogs 4 Life. Christine began working with us at our home, and she quickly saw that Max was suffering from anxiety, fear and lack of confidence. During our first few sessions, Christine patiently but firmly taught both Max and me that I was in charge, she then helped me to develop confidence in myself as Max's handler, as well as building confidence in my dog. We now began group obedience training with Christine, and Max has blossomed! He has made tremendous progress in his confidence, comfort level and ability to separate himself from me. Christine also helped me realize healthy dogs are better adjusted dogs. She taught me the importance of providing a truly health diet, recommended vitamins and directed me towards natural supplements to help Max become a more stable dog. I truly believe her approaches to both training and providing the nutrients they need are what have enabled Max to make such tremendous progress in such a short time.  Christine demonstrates a great affection and has celebrated our success right along with us, she has  been a constant source of encouragement, information and support. I am excited to continue working with her and Max, as well as with Katie, the newest addition to Max's and my Family.  Thank you Christine, for helping Max and me get to a much happier place in our lives!" Jennifer Adams

"Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for ALL your help and guidance. As a first time pet owner I was a bit frustrated with the "puppy phase" and disappointed with the lack of progress Gucci made after going to a few local group classes. Everything changed after we were referred to you. Jim and I are both impressed with all your knowledge and ability to articulate everything in a manner that was relevant to our situation every step of the way. With your help Gucci has become much more compliant and such a little joy to be with, She's made great strides in the few weeks you worked with us. We would like to HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dogs4Life to anyone in need of training and will be sure to refer you to all our family and friends. We wish you much success and good fortune, you truly deserve it!!!!  Many thanks"  Jim and Christine Greco

"We have a small female Dachsundt/Chihuahua mix, Dixie, who was a very clingy and needy. We then adopted a male Lab/Border Collie mix from a local rescue. Tippy, the Lab/border collie mix was crazy once we brought him home. We worked with him and tried training him but he wasn't grasping much of what we were trying to teach him. In the meantime, our small dog, Dixie, became more dependent and clingy. Through references we contacted Christine for in-home training. Within the first week Tippy was calming down and Dixie, who has always run the household to HER liking began to listen and take commands. We were at wits end with Tippy and actually considering that he may have had a mental imbalance and was untrainable. We were wrong. He just needed the proper training. Group training was not the right answer for his particular issues at the time.  Thank you Christine. You saved our household." Barb Miller

"Christine came to our home and personalized a training program for our Golden Retriever, Jasmine. She was able to quickly relate to Jasmine and understand how to help us communicate with her to accomplish our specific training goals. In 5 quick weeks we had Jasmine listening to our commands, not jumping on our guest and walking next to us in a heal position. Christine's professional approach and training techniques made this an overall pleasant and fun experience. She gave clear instruction and provided handouts so we could practice between sessions. Her ability to command Jasmin's attention and then teach us to do the same constantly amazed us. I highly recommend Dogs4Life!" Sue Oswalt.

"Our dog Maya was already well behaved. But we still had some miner issues. Christine was able to quickly identify her issues and helped us correct the behavior in just a few lessons. She taught us how to use techniques and consistent reinforcement in between lessons. Thank You Christine!"  Dave and Lisa

'I adopted Molly from a rescue. She spent her first few months at a puppy mill, we brought her home and began to see that we were going to need some help. My neighbor recommended Dogs 4 Life and we called Christine in for a consultation.  I knew this was going to take time. However, I am really pleased at the progress Molly has made. She has really come out of her shell and is not so fearful of everything. Christine's program helped build her confidence with our family, not to mention that Molly now attends daycare several times a week and plays with the other dogs.  I didn't think it was going to be possible. I highly recommend Christine, it's the best thing you can do for your pet.."  Sharon Cooper. 

"It was recommended that I attend Dogs 4 Life free training seminar. I was so impressed with the information given that I called Christine the next day and scheduled a in-home training program. I had Winnie for about 3 weeks and was having trouble with the adjustment. I am still amazed how quickly Christine was able to get Winnie to respond, I had been working for weeks with her and it took Christine all of 5 minutes. I highly recommend Dogs 4 Life training service, it is very enlightening, her program covers a lot of information and she makes it so easy to learn. I just love how well and quickly Winnie took to the training. Thank You Christine, many years of success."  Brenda Gates

"I have four dogs and just had a baby. I called Dogs 4 Life in to help me get control of the pack. Christine was really knowledgeable and taught me how to control the ciaos in my house. She set up a program that was workable for my busy life. Thanks I now recommend you to my customers."  V. Wong, - Family Dog Pet Center 

"It was a pleasure working with you on the training of our dogs, Diesel& Phoenix. They (and we) certainly benefited from your knowledge and expertise. The personal attention and "one on one" training that you provided in our home was exactly what we had been searching for. Thank you! "  David, Arlene & Zach Meyer

"We adopted Buddy from the shelter. He is a gentle and loving Shepard mix that needed to learn some manners. You just can't have a 80lb dog jumping on people. My family and friends had suggested different ways to fit the problem. It just wasn't working. I called Dogs4Life and I was amazed on how fast Chris got a response from him. Jumping is now a thing of the past and instead of people getting jumped on, you can expect Buddy to give "Hi Five". Thank you Chris"- Dave and Lori Lawrence

"Dear Christine, I  want to tell you how much we appreciate all of your efforts and encouragement during our first months of adopting Charlie into our family. He has been quite a challenge, but well worth it. If we hadn't worked with you, however things might have ended differently. As you know, Charlie has had nothing but bad experiences. I often thought that he way beyond what we could do for him, but you were always confident that we could work through all of these issues. You are an excellent teacher. He is a sweet boy who loves to learn and he continues to improve every week. Please keep in touch-we welcome a visit anytime! Thank you".  Martha & Rob Jelinski

"Dear Chris, I wanted to let you know that Bailey is doing really well. I just cannot believe that she and I can go outside let alone for walks without worrying that she will bolt out of  fear.  She is not afraid of  everything anymore, she is relaxed.  I just can't believe the difference! Her stay  with you to work the behavior (fear issues) and obedience program was the best investment I  ever made. What a difference. I took her walk last night and two flags where really blowing and  flapping in the wind, I gave her cue, she calmed herself and we finished the walk. Truly and unbelievingly AMAZING, my great niece can't believe how good, calm and obedient she is. Thank you again so much for giving me a dog that I can enjoy and who is so much happier now. Bailey could not have archived this without your help."  Deb and Bailey Serby


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Dogs 4 Life Testimonials

Thank you for all your kind words, many referrals, and staying in touch.
It’s such an honor to be a part of each and every one of your families.

"Chris has a wonderful healing touch. I have a 9 year old boxer, with incontinence, arthritis and other age related issues. I called Dogs 4 Life and Chris came out to the house and worked with Lilly. After a few sessions, I really could see she was feeling a great deal of relief. Her over all disposition was much happier and clearly the pain had been reduced which alleviated a lot of stress. Lilly loves to see Christine, when she sees her coming with her big pillow, she gets so excited. that Christine barley has a moment to put the pillow down before Lilly tries to climb on.  Thank You Christine" Tanya Lu

"Christine, is just wonderful. She helps us with our Sammy, who suffers  from arthritis and is in horrible pain. Christine comes every few weeks for Sammy's massage. We were able to see improvements immediately.. Now Sammy looks forward to Christine's visits and waits while she puts her big fluffy pillow down. I thought doggie massage were a bit silly, but the changes that I have seen, Christine has made a believer out of me."  Paula Reese

"Christine really has a wonderful touch. My dog Missy had one of her knees replaced and hadn't used it since. It had been 4 months after surgery  when I called Christine in  for massage therapy. Within a short time I could see some changes and now, Missy runs and walks with barely a limp. Thank you "Marge Wilson

"I called Dogs 4 Life looking for help training my 7 mo. old Golden.  I got so much more than a trainer, Gunner had been sick since we got him at 2 months old. We were getting used to making weekly trips to the vet and we had not seen much improvement.  Christine talked to us about a dogs natural diet, we changed Guners food and added some supplements. Gunner went from 23 lbs in 2.5 month to a normal weight of 37 lbs. He is now symptom free, off the  medication and most of his digestion problems have been resolved.  I can't even express the joy I have, Gunner now has manners and my family has a wonderful health dog.  Thank you  Christine and  'you are too the dog whisperer'".   Judy Hendricks 

"Max is a rescued beagle/spaniel mix who has been allowed to rule the roost for quite a few years...........  Christine also helped me realize healthy dogs are better adjusted dogs. She taught me the importance of providing a truly health diet, recommended vitamins and directed me towards natural supplements to help Max become a more stable dog. I truly believe her approaches to both training and providing the nutrients they need are what have enabled Max to make such tremendous progress in such a short time.  Christine demonstrates a great affection and has celebrated our success right along with us, she has  been a constant source of encouragement, information and support. I am excited to continue working with her and Max, as well as with Katie, the newest addition to Max's and my Family.  Thank you Christine, for helping Max and me get to a much happier place in our lives!" Jennifer Adams

We went through Christine's home training program with our Golden and Christine recommend a diet change. Although we continued to feeding with out any change and  struggled with our dogs attention span and level of energy.  Kola was responding to the training but keeping her attention was difficult. We then took a group class and Christine again recommended a diet change, this time we followed her recommendation and I was amazed that  I could see the difference in my dog  within 24 hours  after changing her food."  L Daley

"I signed up for Christine's in home training for my two  Westie's.  During the our lessons Christine talked about nutritions and it's effects of  health. Our little girl  Tina, suffered from chronic ear infections and dry inching skin from allergies. We followed Christine's recommendations and  a short time later Tina's ears  began to clear and her hair grow back where she had constantly licked. Just this was  worth the cost of training. Thank you Christine, you have been a blessing ." The Brooks Family

I  just wanted to say thank you! my little girl was suffering greatly through a hip replacement. She refused to walk on her leg after surgery. I found Christines brochure at out vet, lucky for me, I noticed after Nelly's first massage session that she began to set her foot down and  put a bit of weight on it. After several sessions she began using it more. Christine now visits for maintenance massage, for Nelly, Christine is an angle. She absolutely LOVES her. Her massages have greatly improved her ability to use her leg, eased the discomfort, and now runs around the house with her sister.  Kim- St. Charles IL

I have a 10 year old Dobie mix who suffers horrible pain from arthritis, she can barley stand without assistance. Christine was recommended by a friend  and her weekly massage help immensely. Although, her condition will never go away, she finds great relief  from her massages and the supplements Christine had suggested.. Thank you . Lori Jordon- Batavia IL

Christine starting acupressure with my dog a year ago for her allergy symptoms. She suffered from scratching chewing on her feet and tear stained eyes. Christine helped with changing her diet to a more non allergenic diet, recommended supplements to help and what a difference. Summer is the time Jakie suffers the most. This year......... we have had very minimal symptoms the combination of diet, supplements and acupressure has just about put a complete stop to all of  her systems. I highly recommend Christine at Dogs 4 Life to anyone experiencing dis-harmony with their pet.  Debbie Miller- Oswego IL

"Christine, What a Miracle. You gave us a Changed dog!!!  Everyone, the neighbors, my friends and my dear cousin expressed how AMAZING Heidi's transformation is. It is so rewarding to tell Heidi to come and she comes immediately. Your training is skills are over whelming! You really have a gift.  Thank You." Bonnie Peterson

"Hi Chris, I hope you remember me, my husband and our Rottie from last springs class at Ruffners, St. Charles.  At the end of our training course you had asked me to let you know about my experience at seeing a behavior specialist ..................we had more success working the commands and lures we learned in your classes."   Mary Beth

"We have had nothing but positive feedback from Christine's classes  our clients love her 
techniques- Kim Ruffner, of Ruffners Luxury Pet Boarding and Doggie Daycare."

Christine, I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did for Lucy. As a first time pet owner, taking on a GDS puppy seemed a little overwhelming. We'd read books and watched the Dog Whisperer, but felt frustrated in trying to teach Lucy how to behave nicely in our home and around our three small children. We always knew Lucy was a wonderful dog. We just kept thinking that someday, when she was older, she'd calm down. Waiting for someday, however got a little tough. After two weeks at the board and train we got back a much IMPROVED puppy! The biggest relief for my husband and I is that we were able to understand things from Lucy's point of view. You taught us how to play and work with her keeping her mind busy and happy. Thank you so much for making the puppy stage more bearable and returning to us a dog that really fits into our family: Heather .

Christine, thank you for helping us on adoption days, your time and efforts are always welcome and appreciated. Our volunteers love when you come." Sherri

"Thank you for coming to our kennel and training our staff in Pet First Aid and CPR. We hope it is not something that we will ever need to use but being prepared in an emergency situation is defiantly an advantage. My staff loved your sense of humor and appreciated keeping the training fun. You were a perfect combination of professionalism and entertainment. Best Wishes," Kristy

"Christine I wanted to send a note of appreciation for your time and donating all your proceeds from your canine massages, as well as, your dogie basket of goodies,  which auctioned very nicely. Thank you for your support " 4 Paws. 

"Christine, your training seminar was really informative. You have a great sense of humor. I will be seeing you in your next class."  Nancy Thompson

"Christine your first aid class was a stitch, I will never look at small dogs the same. Thanks " Naperville Dog Walkers.

"Loved your Seminar, I liked the presentation of facts without appearing judgmental of any of out training faux pas. Can't believe its Free." Chuck Worth

"Christine, I want to thank you for taking time out of your day yesterday to hear my story of Tyler, and advise me. I am very glad to have spoken with you-It's nice to get affirmation that he and I are on the right road to helping him be a member of the family. I plan to sign up tyler and myself for your family dog group class. Thank you again" Michele Baker
Christine loved your training on Canine Massage and Acupressure for the geriatric dogs. I just wanted to give you an update on how well Zeus is doing. i couldn't wait to get home and work with him. I have now been applying your methods and working with a few for the points you showed for the acupressure and I have seen great improvement in his over all attitude and ability to move. He even went up the stairs for the first time in years. I also noticed how his face seems so much more at ease, clearly the discomfort he was feeling has lessened. Thank you, Keep up the great work  Sherri Taylor- Schamburg IL