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Skin and Coat

Super Foods that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids can promote a shiny coat, reduce shedding,  boost the immune system, by providing nutrients missing from many commercial dog foods..

Complete Probiotics 3.17 oz  $24.50


Cats and small dogs 264 pumps $24.00

Med, Large dog

264 Pumps $31.00

Natural Enzymes

Did you know that enzymes aid in every biological function in the body and are not just for digestion?

Natural Enzymes can help keep your dog feeling good.

Dr. Mercola Canine Care

Krill Oil

268 Pumps $33.00

A Naturally Balanced Dog

Phyto Super Enriched Whole Foods

Dogs 4 Life

Healthy Flex
 Joint support

Joint discomfort is not only for the aging dog, we should also consider supporting joints for

Large breed puppies
Athletes, Sporting and Working Dogs

Bladder Support

9.5 oz $17.00

Pro Paw-Tein

Power Pack of Protein can give your dog the winning edge 

Whether your dog is a weekend warrior or full time athlete their bodies need fueling to go that Extra Mile.


You might not realize that allergies are from a poor immune system and  80% of the immune system is gut related.

Adding supper foods can aid in fixing the gut,
streighting the immune system, and relieve reactions

Supplements - Canine

Per Paw Diem
for daily balance

Great way to optimize your dogs Life force with whole food goodness.