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Foundation Building:We consider the foundation to be the A.B.C. blocks upon which all behavior rest. We also understand that a frustrated dog can develop problematic behaviors. It is through the foundation that we begin to eliminate these behaviors as we set structural roles by establishing each family and begin setting expectations. Typically this begins with the basics: come, sit, down, and stay.  This program begins with five hours of training with a expert trainer to help assist through your training process.  (5 hours to be completed within 8 week or program expires with no refund, however you do have the option to pay session per session at a standard hourly rate )  Call for your phone consult today

 When you have a dog that fails to respond, then you have failed to communicate.  Let me teach you to become a effective communicator through our home training programs.
Distraction and Manner Training.  Every family dog should have good manners inside and outside the home. Fox Valley's Tri City of St. Charles IL, Geneva IL. Batavia IL,  are full of people that want to include their dogs in family activities. Here is were we begin to work on your dogs obedient and manner at home AND in the community. Dog must have completed Foundation program or be able to complete basics as we move them into the next level of training... Distractions. 3 lessons - Call today for your phone consult

It is at this level of puppy training or dog training we can expect our dog to walking nicely on a leash, eliminate pulling or lunging at squirrels, dogs, people, or cars. We can also expect them to sit and stay while being petted, to be able to greet your guest in your home without jumping, or most importantly to come when called even when outside. In some case behavior modification dog training will need to be added.

This can be accomplished with proper training and educating you, the owner, on how to work with your dog. Depending on your dogs current abilities will determine how many lessons are needed to accomplish this level

 The key is to choose the proper training method to help set the expectation. 

  Let me show you how to be effective in your puppy training.

Training for Puppies: Puppies are wonderful and cute, yet they lack the general understanding of the household rules. Families can become frustrated with a puppy that nips, jumps, does not listen, or maybe is having difficulty with the proper place to eliminate.

Our first session will give you a clear path to puppy training on how to successfully alleviate confusion and frustration for both you and your puppy.

Our first lesson in puppy training , is two hours, we will spend the time together with the whole family and begin to teach you and your puppy how to work together.  Together we will accomplish: house training, create training, basic commands: sit, down, stay and come, we address jumping, nipping, chewing and any other behavior seen. In addition to the two hours there will be   3- one hour follow ups over a course of 7 weeks. This program has a eight week expiration with no refunds.  St. Charles IL, Batavia IL, Geneva IL, Sugar Grove IL, Elburn IL, Aurora IL and surrounding area's.

We can help you to create a successful foundation for your puppy's training.

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Foundation Training for Dogs

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Dogs 4 life In Home Dog Training provides family dog training, puppy training, and behavior modification dog training in your home, where you and your dog can best learn how to puppy, rescue dog, adoption dog, best learns along with the family. We service St. Charles Sugar Grove Geneva and the surrounding areas.

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