I have fine-tuned my craft with effective, motivational methods of training to assist families to find solutions for their training needs.

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I am a professional Whole Dog Trainer TM Serving Fox Valley IL, St Charles, Batavia IL, and Sugar Grove IL and the surrounding area since 2002.:  Let me start by sharing a story, my dog Strider, who has crossed over to the rainbow bridge,  was a top competitor dog, earning five champion titles before the age of 3. Strider, viciously attacked by another dog while at a competition which altered his behavior and ended his career. I now had to seek a solution for his "kill or be killed" dog aggression issues. So like many, I hired trainers with little success , I took him to a "premier" facility which is known for its work with aggression issues. Here shaped my beliefs and philosophy in training. 

The methods they taught back then were based upon intimidation, harsh corrections, and submitting. My beautiful dog peed all over himself, flipped belly up, as the trainer instructed me to continue with correction after correction for compliance. I thought  "I can't do this"   "this is not training" Sits and downs don't always resolve emotional issues. So that is the end of that.

From here I sought out my path, I attended many classes and began working with the energy of the dog. I developed  effective methods without intimidation that worked for me  and my training programs. Hence my mission: Building a Brighter Tomorrow for Today's Pets. .  One in which I have had great success.

Over time Strider became the ambassador of my training program, a kind, loving, and a gentle leader as you will see him in many of my videos, working with puppies, helping timid and fearful dogs with socialization skills, as he worked side by side showing them the ropes. Hard to believe that he was a dog aggressive.

Christine Johnson - Whole Dog Trainer

Professional Dog Trainer since 2006

over 1500 hours in education through various schools

Practitioner Small Animal Acupressure-

Tallgrass Animal Institute (2008)

Practitioner Small Animal Massage-

Blue Sky School Massage (2007)

Certified Bach Flower Remedies- Nelson (2012)

Aroma Therapy, Chemistry in Essential Oils -Center of Aromatherapy and Education (2012)

Certified in Canine Nutrition in 4 schools:

DN University 2017,  ACAN 2017, Tallgrass Institute 2018,


Christine Johnson Professional Whole Dog Trainer of  Dogs 4 Life Training Center. Practitioner Small Animal Acupressure, Animal Massage, Canine Nutrition

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