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Christine works alongside of pet owners assisting them to improve their dogs vitality mentally, physically and behaviorally through training, nutrition, and supplementation.

Christine is certified with over 400 hours in pet nutrition and has been feeding a species appropriate diet to her own dogs for almost 20 years.

In addition Christine worked in the health field of nutrition and supplements for more than 6 years. She is an educator and lectured on the topic of canine allergies and wellness throughout the suburbs within the Fruitful Yield Stores and other health establishments.She also has her own line of Super Foods for Dogs (Super FydoPhoods)

Certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist- DN University 2017,
Certified Carnivore Nutrition- American Council Animal Naturopathy 2017
Small Animal Food Therapy- Tall Grass Institute 2017
Roubxe Culinary School - 2018 (Human)

Nutrition counseling

Feeding Dogs REAL Food is not only nutritious and healthy,

but it’s simple and fun, your dogs will love you for it.

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