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Call Christine now and lets talk about your training goals 630 901-4597

Call Christine now to talk about your training goals 630 901-4597

XL'ed training is  centered on obedience and manners, it adds to your dog's stability, confidence, while providing structure, which is essential for every family dog.  

Our program strengthens your dog’s foundation commands: come, sit, down, stay, place, on and off leash walking, and not just in your home but in the community.

You will find a delight in including your dog into family activities: kids’ baseball games, evening concerts, or hanging out chatting with friends at Starbucks. You will love how well-mannered your dog is and that you both can enjoy being together.


Aggression and fear issues are not included in this board and train program

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Dogs 4 Life Board and Training

Aggression issues resolved

Let's Talk Remote Possibilities

Behavior Modification

Over the course of the last decade or so, we have seen dog training style, methods, and techniques change to a gentler and kinder handling of our family pets.  Fear not remote trainers, it is a remarkable tool, that can that is used in a subtle way to train a dog without pulling, yanking, or harsh voice tones. It is simple, consistent, well received by the dog and effective.  It is as far removed from the old “shock” collars as a mouse is from an elephant.  This dog training method “taps” the dog to focus on the command, or to distract them from an activity they should not be pursuing.  As you can see from our videos, dogs are not in fear, nor in pain. What you will see is happy dog  that can go play, be with their people, other dogs, and has the ability to respond to you, the owner who will also be happy because with our board and train programs you can enjoy giving your dog a fuller life. 

Emotional Balance

Three remote options

We offer dog owners unique methods for resolving issues. Sure there are obedience instructors and training facilities that will teach your dog to do sits and downs, but we strive to providing balance in our programs.

Teaching your dog structure, rules, and discipline, helps them understand what it takes to be a good family member. We provide them with tools of understanding what is expected of them based upon those rules while allowing your dog’s unique personality to shine through. Dogs 4 Life teaches sits and downs but we offer so much more.

The beauty of this method of training is that it is easily transferred from trainer to owner, which can’t be said for any other training method we know of.

The benefit is that the communication remains the same, it creates unity and consistency among the family and it’s fair to the dog because the communication remains the same. The outcome is a happier and responsive dog. We have taken a tool and perfected and modified its use in both a dog friendly form of communication and a simple and consistent training program for the family to follow. We have 100's of testimonials of happy customers.

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Fear Biter resolved

XL- Accelerated

This is what people are saying about Dogs 4 Life Training

This dog training program is recommended for dogs that have experienced trauma, abuse, neglect or they have a poor genetic disposition. The most common issue is fear, which can be present in many different behaviors.  This board and train program is designed to help stabilize each dog, to teach a shy dogs trust, help reestablish confidence, and help anxious dogs to learn coping skills.  We set their basic commands: come, sit, down and stay and teach manners. We offer the best training options in St. Charles, Sugar Grove, and Geneva.

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I can't believe it, it's a different dog!!

Socialization and Manners

This program is designed for dogs that have established behaviors that have become problematic and the owners say: “I don’t want to give away my dog but..." or “I owe it to give’em one last chance." Then this board and trainp is your program.   

It will teach rambunctious dog self-control,  pushy dog to respect its family, resolving behavior issues, such as but not limited to,  jumping, barking, stealing objects, counter surfing, mild aggression issues, barking, lunging on leash, door bolting, and so much more. Our Dog board and train programs are a great alternative to other dog training classes.

When you pick up your dog you will be amazed and become a member of your club that says: "I can’t believe it, it's a different dog!! Our board and train programs are the best in the St. Charles, Sugar Grove, and Geneva area

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