Our board and train programs far exceeds "kennel training"

We eliminate environmental stress,

We provide "real life experiences,

Your dog lives with the trainer, they are not left alone at night nor do we "punch out at 5pm and return in the morning.

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Christine Johnson

Let us teach you how to become effective in your dogs training.We can help  out of control dogs to become polite and well mannered.

Our methods train without intimidation, which builds trust while resolving problematic behaviors.


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Whole Dog Training and Wellness Center

Servicing the Canine Community since 2002

Puppy assessments, Rescue dog rehabilitation, Socializing, Obedience training, Private training, Specialist training, Behavioral consultants

*Housebreaking, *Pulling on the leash, *Not coming when called. *Darting out through open doors, *Hyperactivity, *Aggression, *Nipping and mouthing, *Fear, *Jumping on people, *Excessive barking,*Counter surfing, *Destructive

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Board and Train

Dogs 4 Life

Dogs 4 Life, Whole Dog In Home Dog Training, Board and Training, Housebreaking, Pulling on the leash, Not coming when called. Aggression, Nipping and mouthing, Fear, Jumping on people, St. Charles IL, Geneva IL, Sugar Grove IL, Aurora IL 


In Home Training

All God's creatures are meant to live a healthy and well balanced life

A Naturally Balanced Dog incorporates a holistic view, with the belief that body, mind, and spirit, cannot be separated but are connected as one. 

When one of these becomes unbalanced it affects all three levels of health and wellness.  A Naturally Balanced Dog's natural pet supply and natural pet foods helps to restore balance and unity of the whole dog. 

Christine Johnson
Whole Dog Trainer and Wellness Coach

Recommended by Veterinarians,

Kennels and Rescues

Whole Dog Trainer and Wellness Coach

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