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Dogs 4 Life  directs its programs in three areas:

1. We focus on a whole dog approach based upon the health, physical traits, temperament, breed qualities, and mental ability of each individual dog. This is why our programs are so successful; we do not believe every dog is the same.

 2. Our techniques vary, giving flexibility to each dog and families goals,  we adapt our training to your dogs "value" system, giving them the   ability to learn based upon their learning ability.

 3. "Building a Brighter Tomorrow for Today's Pets" our mission. Training your dog gives them the best chances in a forever home.
    Their future may depend upon it!

 My experience and wisdom taught me: Problematic behaviors can be difficult to work with and it is usually the reason why many dogs are surrendered to shelters. The owner just doesn't see any other option. Many owners place "human" assumption as to why their dog behaves a certain way. This is the first step to failure. A dog is not a human,  I understand "dog" and  together we will take the first step in correcting issues, by teaching you "dog".

Behaviors can be connected to the genetic disposition, temperament, breed quality, and  are prone to instinctual or the natural behavior. For example, a dog that nips children while  running, is not surprising to find that these dogs are from the herding groups.  This would be typical natural behavior for the breed, however, not necessarily acceptable.

Helping dogs that have emotional issues I learned is not always about obedience training. Just like my story about Strider, who excelled in obedience, but was emotionally scared by a dog attack,  I had to find a way to heal his fear and to restore balance. My years of experience and intuitiveness in working with dogs can make successful changes for your dog too.

My goal: Is to provide easy “how to" programs for training and resolving issues for today's family dog owners.

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Dogs 4 Life

Dogs for life offers busy families flexibility in their busy schedules, by offering In Home Dog Training around your schedule. Board and training,have your dog train by a professional.